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NotinQ, an app that puts the smarts back in shopping, online and offline

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If you think waiting in line is fun, don’t bother!
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That’s not all.
We’re possibly talking massive early bird discounts, special in-store service and a lifetime’s worth of shopping benefits.
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The NIQ Advantage

Shop instore, on the way or at home, seamlessly.

No cash and no standing in line at the till.

Gain offline and online.



Offline shopping with the convenience of an app.

Make your offline retailer your preferred online choice.

Enjoy click collect or home delivery, with customised loyalty benefits.


Get personalized prices for items in your list.

With custom discounts, the more you buy, the more you save!

Forget in-store prices. We work towards lower than store prices.


Get immediate updates on availability and offer prices for your smart list.

Make quick and cashless transactions through any eWallet/card/bank.

Then show the token and accept delivery anywhere.


Ordering Made Easy. And Intuitive!

Create your ‘smart’ shopping list in multiple ways.

Use the in-built scanner to scan items in-store or at home.

Soon, search for local items in your preferred language and share lists with friends and family.

Click, Check and Collect.

Choose between self-pickup and home delivery. We’ll soon allow split deliveries too.

Our most loyal customers will soon be able to self-scan limited items and checkout.

Updates, On the Go!

Get updates, but only when you gain or save.

Check product availability, personalized offers, missing items or regional specials.

Soon, book items before they run out of stock or pre-buy upcoming deals.

Shopping Suggestions, Tailored to Fit.

Update your preferences and we’ll save you time and money!

Our smart list analyses your shopping patterns to prioritize and recommend items you’d save on.

Or use Swaps that offer better price or health benefits for a healthy and happy family.

Service With a Smile, and An Extra Mile.

Get recognized when you walk into the store and get priority delivery.

Ask for special products or give instant feedback.

We love listening, so don’t hold back!

About NIQ

NIQ began as an ideology that everyone of us has more to do, more to learn and much more to cherish. And to do that we need to de clutter and simplify. Gain more time and consume less energy, save money in consumption and then spend it on making memories. Niq is a companion app which will begin in grocery and spread to every known service locally and globally, allowing you to reach further than you ever have and do things only you can do, with the ones who matter. NIQ is the emotion and simplicity of our daily lives.

Join Us

As we embark on a global journey, with the first steps in all major metros across India, soon we would have expanded to the Middle East, South Asia and Eastern Europe. Our target markets are those where demand outstrips supply in the real world and where infrastructure can’t keep up with density.
Obviously we will do this and more, and we want you alongside.
Join us as we change the way people consume. Make sure you Pre register!

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